Waste Management Policy

  1. Objectives
    PPB Group Berhad (“PPB”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) are a diversified conglomerate engaged in a broad range of business activities which generates various forms of waste, including general waste, recyclables, and hazardous waste. Improper waste management could lead to land pollution by leaching into the soil, consequently degrading soil health, which causes water pollution, increasing water toxicity and endangering marine life and human health. Therefore, the Group recognises our responsibility to ensure that waste generated by our operations is properly disposed of by authorised, licenced waste contractors. The Waste Management Policy (“Policy”) defines the Group’s approach to managing our waste generation.
  2. Scope
    The Policy applies to all Malaysian operations within the direct control of the Group, and we shall work towards implementing the policy proportionately and appropriately to relevant third parties working for and/or on behalf of the Group, including consultants, suppliers, vendors, and contractors.
  3. Principles
    The Group employs a waste hierarchical approach, prioritising reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery over landfill disposal whenever possible and practicable. We adhere to applicable laws and regulations that govern waste management in the countries in which we operate, such as the Malaysian Environmental Quality Act 1974. The Group recognises the importance of environmental protection for the sustainability of its businesses and is committed to:

    • Review operations to determine where waste can be prevented, reduced or minimised at its sources of generation;
    • Adopt best practices in waste management to ensure minimisation of pollution and resource use;
    • Encourage the segregation of waste at source to prevent contamination and mixing of materials and to maximise the opportunity for recycling;
    • Prioritise the procurement of goods and services that have fewer negative impacts on human health and the environment, preferring durable and environmentally friendly products and packaging materials over single-use and non-biodegradable options;
    • Foster a corporate culture of proper waste management and resource recovery best practices;
    • Monitor, track, and report waste generation year-on-year across our business operations; and
    • Ensure the collection of waste generated is managed by authorised persons or service providers.
  4. Oversight of Policy
    The PPB Board (“the Board”) has oversight responsibility to ensure the Group’s business strategy and approach aligns with the commitments outlined in the Policy. The Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) supports the Board in the implementation and the management of waste-related initiatives.
  5. Policy Review
    The Policy will be reviewed and updated as and when necessary, by the SSC for approval by the Board.

The Policy sets out the general principles and guidance, and shall not constitute a ground for any counterparts, stakeholders, third parties etc. to claim against the Group for any liability.

28 February 2023