Human Rights Policy


  1. Objectives
    PPB Group Berhad (“PPB”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) are guided by the principles as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Human Rights Policy (“Policy”) is an extension of the Group’s commitment to good workplace practices and includes people in communities in our areas of operation.
  2. Scope
    The Policy applies to all Malaysian operations within the direct control of the Group, including suppliers and subcontractors acting on our behalf.
  3. Principles
    We are guided and governed by our commitment to:

    1. Non-discrimination
      We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination in any form, and our employees are provided with equal career opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, or nationality.
    2. Fair Employment Conditions
      The Group operates in full compliance with applicable wage, work hours, overtime and benefits laws, and strives to keep overtime work on a strictly critical or necessary basis. We remunerate our employees equitably based on qualifications, skills, and experience relevant to the work performance expectations, and we provide recognition based on performance and contribution to the Company’s success.
    3. Health and Safety
      We provide a safe and healthy workplace environment for our employees, in compliance with applicable health and safety laws, regulations, and requirements. The Group is dedicated to maintaining a productive workplace and strives to implement necessary measures to prevent job-related injuries and illnesses and aims for zero fatalities.
    4. Workplace Security
      We strive to provide a safe and mutually respectful workplace environment that is free from all forms of violence, harassment, humiliation, and intimidation.
    5. Privacy/Data Protection
      We respect the confidential personal data of our employees and treat all personal data with integrity.
    6. No Child or Forced Labour and Human Trafficking
      In compliance with applicable laws, we do not employ children. We prohibit the use of all forms of forced and bonded labour, slavery, and human trafficking.
    7. Community Rights
      We recognise and respect the legal and customary rights of local communities and indigenous people, as well as the need to protect the basic human rights of marginalised groups, including refugees and differently abled people.

    We have established grievance procedures and whistleblowing channels which all our stakeholders are encouraged to use to report potential ethics, human rights, legal or regulatory violations, including improper or unethical business practices. There are mechanisms in place to ensure that a person filing such a report would not be subject to discrimination or harassment.

  4. Oversight of Policy
    The PPB Board of Directors (“the Board”) has oversight responsibility to ensure the Group’s business strategy and direction align with the commitments outlined in the Policy. The Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) supports the Board in making recommendations for and managing human rights-related initiatives.
  5. Policy review
    The Policy will be reviewed and updated as and when necessary, by the SSC for the Board’s approval.

The Policy sets out the general principles and guidance, and shall not constitute a ground for any counterparts, stakeholders, third parties etc. to claim against the Group for any liability.

28 February 2023 (Updated)