Climate Change Policy

  1. Objectives
    PPB Group Berhad (“PPB”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) recognize the wide-ranging impacts and non-diversifiable risks that climate change may pose to our business operations and the surrounding environment. Our Climate Change Policy (“Policy”) represents the Group’s approach to addressing climate issues and incorporating climate considerations into our decision-making processes.
  2. Scope
    The Policy applies to all Malaysian operations within the direct control of the Group, and we shall work towards implementing the policy proportionately and appropriately to relevant third parties working for and/or on behalf of the Group, including consultants, suppliers, vendors, and contractors.
  3. Principles
    Our commitment is based on two guiding principles: Adaptation (changing our business practices to anticipate the impacts of climate change) and Mitigation (actions to prevent or reduce greenhouse gas emissions).


    • Consider climate-related risks and opportunities and integrate them into our business strategy;
    • Include climate risk category within the Group’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework;
    • Track, monitor and report our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, targets and performance;
    • Identify opportunities to remove or reduce our emissions through biological and/or technological means; and
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to raise awareness and align with the Group’s climate commitment.


    • Optimise our business processes for maximum energy efficiency;
    • Equip our operational facilities with more energy-efficient instrumentation, equipment and machinery;
    • Expand the use of renewable energy technologies, including transition from fossil-fuel based energy sources to renewable or environmentally friendly alternatives where possible or practicable; and
    • Introduce GHG emission reduction targets with the long-term goal of achieving Net-Zero emissions.
  4. Oversight of Policy
    The PPB Board (“the Board”) has oversight responsibility to ensure the Group’s business strategy and direction align with the climate commitments outlined in the Policy. The Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) supports the Board in making recommendations for and managing climate-related initiatives.
  5. Policy Review
    The Policy will be reviewed and updated as and when necessary, by the SSC for approval by the Board.

The Policy sets out the general principles and guidance, and shall not constitute a ground for any counterparts, stakeholders, third parties etc to claim against the Group for any liability.

28 February 2023