The REplace Project: Enabling Sustainable Living


Envision a world where sustainability is integrated into your everyday life, promoting awareness and actionable steps towards safeguarding the planet. This vision is what fuels The REplace Project to be rolled out across all PPB Properties’ retail spaces, transforming the vision of a sustainable future into a reality.

PPB Group Berhad, along with its property division PPB Properties, initiated The REplace Project as a long-term programme in 2023 to increase awareness and educate the public about sustainability while promoting community engagement.

This Project aligns with PPB Group Berhad’s sustainability roadmap and directly supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11 and 13, which focus on sustainable cities and communities, as well as climate action.

Megah Rise Mall serves as the flagship location for The REplace Project. The concepts of REcycle, REgrow, Recharge and REpurpose are more than just ideas here – they are actionable practices that set a precedent in the Petaling Jaya community towards embracing green practices in their daily lives.


REcycle: Transforming Waste into Resources

Under the REcycle initiative, Megah Rise Mall has established a partnership with the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled to provide a one-stop recycling hub. This hub aims to streamline the process of recycling materials such as paper, tin, plastic, fabric, and e-waste. In just two months, over 420kg of recyclable materials have been diverted from landfills, marking a significant step towards waste reduction. Additionally, through collaboration with Kloth Cares, the mall has collected over 1,200kg of textiles, promoting a circular economy and reducing textile waste.


REgrow: Promoting Urban Agriculture

A smart vertical farm built in under-utilised spaces within Megah Rise Mall is revolutionising farming in the surrounding urban community. It uses technology to conserve water and energy during farming. This endeavour produced 160kg of fresh produce in 2024, which was donated to local charities, illustrating that sustainable agriculture can flourish in urban environments.



REcharge: Convenience in Eco-friendly Transportation

With three electric vehicle (EV) charging stations installed, Megah Rise Mall is committed to reducing carbon emissions and supporting the community in adopting greener transportation options. Shoppers, residents and community members can go about their daily activities while their vehicle is charging.


REpurpose: Promoting Literary Sustainability

A public book-sharing space was set up in collaboration with Books on the Move, encouraging the circulation of pre-loved books. Book lovers can donate, exchange, or borrow books from the community library. This venture not only fosters literacy but also supports environmental sustainability through the promotion of a circular process.


Empowering Communities Towards Sustainable Choices

In November 2023, The REplace Project was unveiled to the public with a series of workshops and educational talks aimed at raising environmental awareness and equipping community members with the skills needed for sustainable living.

Centred around the theme of “Recycling Done Right”, the activities addressed topics from recycling how-to’s, zero-waste living, and urban farming tips to upcycling, they act as platforms for community building and promoting sustainability in participants’ everyday lives.


Recently, a Stop Food Waste Weekend was held in April 2024 in partnership with Saving Graze as part of The REplace Project. The weekend comprised of an eco-conscious mini bazaar by various social enterprises and entrepreneurs, an educational exhibition, workshops, cooking demonstrations and a children’s activity.

The weekend’s activities saw more than 350 participants from all walks of life including children and families, and over 100 pledges from participants to reduce their food waste.

The Project is an extension of PPB Properties’ long-term commitment to the Group’s sustainability roadmap. The Project is slated to roll out at other retail malls with a commitment to further educational initiatives.

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